8-Week Eat to Live Academy
mindset + consistency

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The 8-Week Eat to Live Academy

A proven, step-by-step system to finally stop emotional eating, end food cravings and stick to healthy eating...for good.

Together we will discover:

⭐️ The mindset shifts required for sustainable lifestyle changes
⭐️ How to eat healthy - and actually enjoy it!
⭐️ How to finally feel good in our skin and be confident in our body
⭐️ How to love ourselves through the process

Every week, I’ll share the most powerful lifestyle change and consistency strategies that I’ve learned through coaching hundreds of clients - and by going on this journey myself.

The Eat To Live Academy is packed full of the tools, strategies, and lessons you need to change your own life:

💪 8 WEEKS of classes broken down into easy-to-digest and easy-to-implement modules.
💪 Exercises designed to create and enforce new thought patterns towards food 
💪 Tools to support you along this journey - worksheets, journals, and more
💪 A community of other participants to share encouragement and get support with your thoughts, feelings, and experiences

In addition, I’m sharing these fantastic bonuses to supplement the Academy

🍴 Eat to Live Nutritarian Meal Planning and Prepping Guide and Theory ($47+ Value)
🍴 Eat to Live Nutritarian Quick Reference Meal Formula Guide ($47+ Value)
🍴 Access to a PRIVATE Academy-Attendee-ONLY Facebook Group ($97+ Value) 
🍴 21-Day Eat to Live Challenge that includes Grocery Lists, Recipes, Meal Plans ($49+ Value)

This Academy will change the way you eat, feel, and live...for the rest of your life!

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I'm going to show you
Learn the Secrets WHY You've Never Been Able to Stick to Healthy Eating Before! (hint: it's not your fault!)
2 Key Strategies to Create Lasting Motivation for Good! (will-power just doesn't cut it...but I'll tell you what does!)
Recognize the 1 Barrier to Food Freedom and Body Confidence That No One Realizes They Have...(and what to do about it!)
A Simple Step-by-Step Formula to Overcome All Your Food Craving Struggles!


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mindset + consistency

Eat to Live Academy


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